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Old Farts Racing Team®

Henderson September 2010

By Sharon Preston

We began our "adventure" to Henderson on Wed.Sept. 22nd at Bill Wasson's shop, we got on the road after Wes "syran-wrapped" his newly painted El Camino to protect it! Bill W., Al & Denise, Hal, Bill & Charlotte, Wes & Shiela, Ford Phil & I all caravaned. First stop was lunch at Peggy Sue's Diner, that place is really fixed up neat, with a lot of memorabilia for souviners in their gift shop. After lunch, before we hit the road, Wes removed the syran wrap, it was all flying off anyway, guess it wasn't a good idea after all!  After arriving in Henderson, we checked into our hotel, the  Fiesta, unpacked & headed to the casino to check it out.  We found Cary, Kathy & Jack from Williams & Joe & Susie from Cibola, AZ waiting for us.We gambled for a while & then had dinner, the hotel has a lot of nice pkaces to choose from.  Thursday afternoon we drove to Grass Valley Parkway, a real nice shopping center, and parked the cars.  The guys went to look at all of the cars & the women headed for all of the shops. We had a great time shopping until we dropped! The whole group went for lunch at the "Garage" it was a sandwich shop all fixed up like a garage, wirh all kinds of neat stuff on the walls etc. Very good food too, of course they served beer too!

Friday moirning we drove about two miles to downtown Henderson and parked for the day. We had breakfast at the Peppermill Casino which was walking distance, actually we ate there every morning, good food!

There were 1100 cars entered in the show, so we did a lot of walking to check them out since there were so many different cars there that we hadn't seen before. We went back to the Fiesta and got cleaned up to go to dinner.  The mexican restaurant was very good.  Then we gambled for a while, Kathy & I loved "donating" to the Penguin machines, they were so much fun!

Saturday we drove back downtown to our same spots as the day before, on a side street.  We spent the day shopping and looking at cars & checking our raffle tickets.  We also spent time at the Peppermill casino.

Saturday night after dinner we were all in the casino in different locations & I got a call from Denise, she said to meet at the CoCo Loco bar, so we headed over there & her dad had a Royal flush in spades on his poker machine there at the bar!  Congratulations Bill!  He won almost $6,000.

Sunday, back downtown & we went back to tht Peppermill for breakfast & it was Bill's treat! What a guy!
The awards were handed out at 1:00 at the stage, we all got a good seat & had a shaved ice while we were waiting.

Denise got "Best of Show" again this year for her '41 Vette plus $3,000, Bill Skinner got "Coolest Car" with his '56 Chevy plus $200., Bill W. got "Secratery of the Club's Pick" with his '57 Heaven plus $200., Cary got the "Dignitary Award" for his '55 Ford Pickup, Wes got "Peoples Choice" with his El camino, Hal,('57 Chevy) Joe ('64 Falcon) & Ford Phil ('57 TBird) all got an award for being in the top 150 winners, so we were all very excited that we all won anaward at such a large show.

Monday we left the Fiesta at 7AM to head home, we stopped at Peggy Sue's for breakfast.
Everyone really had an enjoyable five days at the show, the weather was just perfect not too hot. We usually go to Laughlin for "Roddin' on the River" car show, but Bill & Denise talked us into going to Henderson instead & are glad we did, we had a blast & plan on going again next year!

PS In Laughlin, Danny & Adrienne got a "Dazzeling Dozen" award & a jacket for their '57 Chevy, Ted & Patty got the "Best GM" award for their '59 Chevy, & Scooby & Bea got the "Hardluck" award for their '38 Chevy (he backed up his little trailer  into his fender on the way to the show!) Congrats guys!

Ford Sharon

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