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Old Farts Racing Team®

Hot Rod Cook Off April 2012

Article & Photos By Sharon P.


     Most of us campers (OFRT’S:  Bertino’s, Wikert’s, Fielding’s, Mehas’s, Farris’s & Preston’s) braved the rain, wind and cold temperatures & arrived at Glen Helen on Friday the 13th in the afternoon, maybe the date had something to do with the awful weather that day & evening, who knows??  The Margarita contest & the band and all other activities that were planned had to be cancelled that evening due to the rain, so we all just “hung out” in our RV’s that night.

     Saturday morning was sunny & beautiful thank goodness, but cool temperatures.

     Rich & Karen Mehas, Ford Phil & I brought our bicycles, so we all took a ride around the park to see all the other campers from alL the other clubs & see if they had survived the cold night.  Linda Bertino & Lisa Wikert jogged with us, but we were going too slow so they passed us up & actually eventually lapped us!  Guess we had better practice riding our bikes more for next year:J

     The Margarita contest was Saturday morning & the Mustang club won that one.  David Bertino came in second, he made us some very delicious Margaritas while he was practicing , we were happy to help him out as “tasters” on his different flavors. He used his one of a kind unique “blender” for making them, which sure got a lot of looks!

     “Grandpa” or “Uncle” Larry Wikert entered the Bloody Mary contest with his famous “Bloodies” that all of the OFRTS that hang out around his trunk know about & love & came in first place, he should he has had enough practice over the years of making them!  He won a very cool clock he can put up in his garage!  Congrats to you Larry.

     Then the grilling began, each team had chicken, tri-tip & ribs to prepare, every team seemed to have their own ideas of how to prepare all of the meats & it was fun going around to all of the BBQ’s & checking them out to see how the teams were grilling the meat.

     Team Cobb won the tri-tip award, team Kaney won the award for best chicken (OFRTS came in second with their “beer-butt” chicken!)  Team Hole in the Wall won for the best prepared ribs.
Team Kaney also provided BBQ’d hamburgers, hot dogs & hot links for the whole group & they were very good,  that was very nice of them to provide lunch for everyone!

     During the afternoon on Saturday there was a band that played for our entertainment “Bodie Mountain Boys”, they were very good, country/blue-grass band.

     After the judging Saturday & awards presentation we got to taste all of the meat the teams had worked so hard in preparing, everyone brought side-dishes of salads, potatoes, desserts for the pot luck, we had way too much food as usual & everything was very delicious.

     For our evening entertainment the “Blue Henry’s” played for us, it was pretty cold out so there were camp fires going to keep warm, not too many lasted very long, but several people kept warm dancing to the music.  The band also gave out their CD “Hired & fired-Up” to everyone. A very nice gesture.

    Sunday morning, time to break up the camp, no one was in much of a hurry, we all just hung out visiting for a while before heading home.

     We want to thank “Tennessee Ken” for hosting the camp-out, everyone had a really good time & are looking forward to next year, they already have the date set for May 31st-June 2nd, although that might change.  We are looking forward to it!
                                                             SHARON P.

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