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Old Farts Racing Team®

Hot Rod Cook Off July 2011

Article by Stan E. & Photos By Sharon P.

Old Fart 's demonstrate their Iron Chef Skills at the 1st Annual "Hot Rod Cook Off"

Pat O organized and coordinated our Old Farts team to participate in the 1st Annual Hot Rod Cook Off at the Glen Helen Camping area on July 23rd. The event was the brainstorm of Tennessee Ken Scarbrough from the Over the Hill Gang, Berdo/chapter.
There was to be 10 teams from the 10 car clubs, however, only 9 teams showed, so Dave B. had the idea of splitting the Old Farts in to 2 teams, thus doubling our chances to win.

• Team #1 was Dave B., Linda B., Larry W., Lisa W.,Roy &Chris G,and Ralf---
• Team #2 included Pat O and Sue O, Stan E and Debbie E.,Phil and Sharron P ---

After set up of all of our RV's and Riggs, Tennessee Ken distributed the Ribs, Chicken, and Tri Tip for a Tri - Fecta Car Classic Cook Off. Ken went over the rules and regulations which specified we all had to use a Weber type grill. As the Old Farts developed their strategies, marinades and recipe's Pat O was doing some scouting of the competitions Grills and found several grills that were MORE that you typical Weber Grill---Some very supercharged equipment right out of "Tool Time" Binford equipment types.

The Old Farts Kew we were in for some real competition, as we all had the real deal Weber and we really could have used some support from Brad S and the crew with the Dragster barbeque.

Later that evening Dave B and Stan E went out on a mission to uncover competitive recipes and any other info we could use. Dave B uncovered some suspect charcoal and wood chips in the Over the Hill Gang's camp and quietly removed the contraband fuel and hid it under his RV---The Over the Hill Gang finally found the fuels under Daves RV and from then on it was "ON".

As the Old Farts were busy preparing the Tri Fecta Meats, Larry W was struggling to cut up Team #1's Chicken, Debbie E stepped in to help Larry W slice and dice up the chicken so it looked like a body part in the SAW #5 movie. Had Larry bothered to read the rules, he would have known that the Chicken must be submitted to the judges in a complete ½ piece split down the middle and not looking like a shredded chicken burrito. You should have seen Dave B and Larry W piecing the chicken back together to submit the judges; the only thing missing was the duct tape. The judges said that they were looking to be WOWed by the chicken, so Dave B wrote on a piece of paper (WOW) and stuffed in the box with the chicken from SAW. The judges did not see the humor in this and made an example to the entire group of what not to do with the chicken.

We all started the barbeques at noon, began cooking the Ribs at 1pm. Stan E. was cooking for Team #2 with excellent coaching from Sue O. However, half way through the cooking Stan E had nature calling him a way and like a kid with AD&D he left leaving the barbeques unattended. After some time, Larry W saw lots of flames under team #2's barbeque so he opened up and doused the fire, and the Ribs, with a 6 pack of Coors Light. It's no wonder the Ribs submitted to the judges tasted like Beef Charcoal marinated in Coors Light-----Who ever though Stan could cook anyway, he couldn't keep a summer job at Burger King!

After all of the judging was complete, it was clear the Old Farts were not going to WIN, SHOW or PLACE, so let the drinking begin, or continue-------------

The results of the Cook off were:
1. Best Ribs----Over the Hill Gang
2. Best Chicken—Cruse Nights
3. Best Tri Tip—Old SKOOL66 Cruzers
4. Best Overall—Over the Hill Gang

All said and done, for the 1st annual Hot Rod Cook Off, it was a great success as we all ate everyone's meals at 6pm and were joined by many more car club members, many more Old Farts as well. We had a really good blues band (The Blue Henrys) that played until midnight.

All that attended felt that this is the beginning of something good and next year we need to have more Old Farts with great recipes and chefs that can actually use a barbeque.

Stan E

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